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tychoish is an evolving and diverse hypertext anthology, including the rhizome blog, pages on technical writing, information debt, and careers and scholarship/intellectual practice. Frequent topics include: new media, open source technology, science fiction literature, writing, and the cyborg moment.

I'm Sam Kleinman, and I curate/run tychoish, often writing as tychoish or tycho garen. My main projects these days are the Cyborg Institute, leading documentation projects for a software company in New York City, and writing science fiction stories. tychoish.com is a wiki: there's a suggestion and submission box for ideas, links, and improvements. Also consider the cyborg institute listserv for additional discussion.

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(The knitting and work-report posts are a separate blogs. See the rhizome archive for more posts.)

I always enjoy talking with readers and contributors and you can always be in contact with me directly.