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I'm interested in collecting resources and notes on navigating careers, particularly with regards to academic training, and graduate school. I'm also interested in figuring out a place for intellectual and scholarly practice outside of the academic labor market.

I've written a series of posts that address various aspects of these issues that include career-pathways and intellectual-practice, and I think that the technical writing and pedagogy pages address a number of related topics relevant to how I've been thinking about my career and practice.

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The following list of posts is a much more rough and all inclusive collection of pages that I've tagged as being "career" related, and may not follow the same train of thought as the above posts and pages.

Intellectual Audience

Teaching Writing Skills

Methodology and Bootstrapping Intellectual Practice

Micro-Entrepreneurship, Good Enough, and Crowd Sourcing


Career Pathways Discussion

Intellectual Practice Discussion

An Intellectual Practice

Career Pathways

Technical Writing Appreciation