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Git For Writers

I will gladly write a blog post on this subject, but I thought that: I'd put some notes here and see if we can collect some greater notes on the subject here. I'm tempted to put this in the Cyborg Institute wiki, but whatevs.

The thing that's so awesome about git, is that it basically does its thing all by itself without a lot of interference from you, and it lets you do your own thing, in whatever way you can and want. And git doesn't really care. As a result "git for writers" is really just "writing in non-binary formats with a file system that has a notion of history and can support non linear development." And the truth is that the history and the non-linear development are only tangentially/occasionally interesting/relevant.

As for the practicalities, it seems that there are a few areas that might be of interest:

Commit Style

(e.g. do you commit early and often because you can? do you set up some sort of cronjob to auto-commit regularly. do you only commit certain kinds of changes?)

Advanced Feature Usage

(e.g. do you use branches much, and for what? Stashes? Rebasing?)


(e.g. what tools you use with git to get the job done?)

Not just the text editors and scripts that you use to deal with the text, as WritingInPlainText is a whole 'nother can of worms, but the tools that you use to interact with git. Flashbake. Your own scripts. etc.

Project Organization

(e.g. how do you organize your files within git?)

Publication Hosting

(e.g. where does git push to, if anywhere?)

I'll try and explain how I work in my blog post, and fill out this page as I collect my thoughts on the subject, but I think it might be helpful to hear how other writers/non-coders use git. --tychoish