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tychoish.com is my thing.

I am a technical writer by trade, a science fiction writer by necessity, and a digital/cyborg agitator by circumstance. I document technology and practices, usually related to open source software and systems administration. I write science fiction stories about colonialism, historiography, memory, and rocket ships. I work with technology to promote novel discourse, communities, and practices.

Contact Information

I'd love to hear from you. I watch edits to this wiki pretty closely, so editing a page is probably a great way to get a hold of me. Feel free to use this ?discourse page, or create your own folk page. Conversely:

Sensing a theme? I look forward to hearing from you!

About the Name

I don't typically capitalize tycho or tychoish.

It's not my given name, that honor goes to "Sam Kleinman," but it's also not a throw away pseudonym. I feel at odds with my given name: the last name gets screwed up a bunch and belongs to a part of the family to which I'm not particularly connected, the first name is uncommon without being terribly unique.

"tycho garen," refers, in this case, mostly to a writing project I did when I was in high school. I wrote this really crappy novel about the telepathic second in command of a space ship (and his friend) who's commander got replaced with an asshole, and then stuff happens. The telepathy stuff is of course a huge unsubtle for queers and being queer. The main character is very "Mary Sue"-ish. I've actually reused and rewritten ideas from this novel in later projects, to great effect, but the novel itself sucked. So many do. In any case, the main character's name was "Tycho," and "Garen" (or "Garren," as it was in the original text,) was the name of the space ship.

Since I've started writing as tycho, I've enjoyed the opportunity to be experimental, to do stuff that I'm really interested in regardless of whether I thought it was a good idea, to get back into writing fiction. And so forth. I also really enjoy that tycho is "all me" and that it's something that I chose. In a way I've always felt that it pays homage to a lot of people who haven't been able to write under their own names for whatever reason. So there you have it.

As for what I'm interested in and do, I don't really feel like I need another about page. The info is out there.