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tycho garen
23 December 2011

A friend asked me a question (several weeks ago by publication) on a technical topic and I spent most of the next few days writing a missive on database administration strategy. That seemed like a normal response. I was delighted to find that: I liked the voice, I enjoyed writing the longer document, and there are a dozen or so other related topics that I wanted to explore. So, apparently, I'm writing a book. This is exactly what I need: more projects. Not.

But it's a good thing: I find the writing inspiring and invigorating. I have a perspective and collection of knowledge that hasn't been collected and presented in a single place. I like long form writing. The larger piece might also be a good contribution to my portfolio (such as it is.)

I think this kind of writing suits my attention span.

This has left me without a lot of spare time for blogging, and (as I'm prone to do every so often,) rethinking the future of my efforts on tychoish.com and as a blogger. This is boring for all of you, but I'll give some higher level stuff here and we can follow up on the ?discourse page:

So I think this means that most of my "tychoish," writing time will go to writing this book project, and to fiction, and once my blog post backlog is fully depleted (heh,) most of my postings will either be announcements/?progress-reports or a bunch of shorter more off-the-cuff notes.

Here's hoping at least.

  1. I can't really believe that I just used "level up" in this context. ↩