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Publishing System Requirements

tycho garen
19 September 2011

Like issue tracking systems, documentation publication systems are never quite perfect. There are dozens of options, and most of them are horrible and difficult to use for one reason or another. Rather than outline why these systems are less than ideal, I want to provide a list of basic requirements that I think every documentation publishing system1 should have.


This might just be a quirk of my approach, but I tend approach documentation, terms of process and tooling, as if it were programming and writing software. They aren't identical tasks, of course, but there are a lot of functional similarities And definitely enough to take advantage of the tooling and advances (i.e. make, git, etc.) that programmers have been able to build for themselves. Am I missing something or totally off base?

  1. Think knowledge bases, documentation sites, and online manuals. I'm generally of the opinion that one should be able to publish all of these materials using the same tool.  ↩